Some companies like to hide their ingredients. Not us. That’s because we’re proud of everything we put in our bars.

We handpicked FROPRO's ingredients to design a wholesome and delicious bar that's healthy for everyone and even better when you freeze it. There are five core ingredients in every bar: nut butter, protein powder, cinnamon, oat flour, and honey. Read more about why we chose these ingredients below:

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Not only is peanut butter delicious, it's also full of antioxidants and protein, Our natural peanut butter contains all sorts of important vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function properly, including folate, copper, and Vitamin E.


Protein helps your body repair its muscles and helps you achieve the sensation of fullness when eating. And, because our bar is plant-based, so is the protein we use. Our organic plant based protein is free of the growth hormones and antibiotics that can often be found in animal proteins. Additionally, our protein is made from whole foods. This means that when you look at our packaging, you will notice that our protein is naturally derived from whole plants like broccoli, spirulina, and flax meal. One more bonus: our protein powder contains probiotics to help restore your gut health and improve digestion.


The delicious spice is perfect for an afternoon workout snack. As an anti inflammatory, it helps limit the inflammation naturally caused by exercise. Not a gym rat? No problem. Cinnamon is also loaded with antioxidants.


Like the other ingredients we use, oats are packed with vitamins and minerals, like manganese, which helps with normal nerve and brain function. In addition, oats are an excellent natural source of fiber to help fuel you through your day and support your body's digestion.


Simply put, some sweeteners are better than others. That's why we sweeten FROPRO with raw honey. Unlike conventional honey, this unrefined sweetener leaves all vitamins, nutrients and enzymes intact and contains bee pollen to help boost your immune system.


To give our bars their signature flavors, we add a few other ingredients. These include ground coffee beans from our favorite local brand, Pumphouse Coffee Roasters, real coconut flakes, freeze dried raspberries, as well as various natural extracts, like mint! Learn more about the ingredients in each bar by visiting our shop page.


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