Matt has been sober since 2010. It wasn’t until overnight he lost his career and hope with his whole life shattering in front of him. Unlike others, he had the fortune of a strong support system and ability to receive proper treatment to overcome his addictions. His first attempt at a marathon was The Miami Marathon in 2010. He didn’t train.... Just thought, “Sure, I can wing it”. Come Mile 18, his body gave up. He had to walk, jog, stop, stretch, and get bandaged up until he finally hobbled his way across the finish line. He decided to run in smaller races, like 5k's, where "training" was limited to running laps in a small parking lot due to his recovery program’s travel restrictions until eventually, he gave up running. He’s been able to turn his lifelong passion for health and fitness into a career. Now a strength-training fitness coach, friends have asked for his help in order to run The New York City Marathon. He agreed to the training, and surprised himself by asking for a spot on their team. Born and raised in New York, this journey has come full circle for him. This is it. His redemption. (Although, lesson learned: He’s hired a professional running coach.) Running has become more to him than just exercise. It’s a time of reflection, meditation and gratitude. More than ever he is ready to share his story and empower young adults to work through their addiction and get their second chance.