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Matt has been sober since 2010. He was fortunate to have a strong support system to help him overcome his addiction. Through these support systems, he had the opportunity to rediscover his passion for health and wellness. That passion continues to guide all that he does.

As soon as we created the bar, we knew that we wanted to use our influence for good. We created the FROPRO Foundation to identify and partner with individuals and organizations within our community committed to combating addiction. We work in conjunction with local charities to help people fight for a second chance. Through the FROPRO Foundation, we aim to raise awareness about addiction, support people in recovery, and create a network on which people can rely as they get and stay sober. Through this work, we hope to dismantle the stigma associated with addiction and recovery.

Beginning in 2019, we will use the FROPRO Foundation to support Temperance Training Foundation.

Temperance Training is an inclusive community of men and women who have recovered from alcohol and drug addiction and who value spiritual and physical fitness. Through their organization, they have built an extraordinary and supportive community in South Florida. Since its inception in 2017, we have been fortunate enough to participate fully in Temperance Training; we have attended their group classes, participated in their charity runs and events, and done yoga and mindfulness through their program.

In many ways, FROPRO and Temperance Training share the same mission: supporting those in recovery and de-stigmatizing addiction. As such, we are immensely proud to support the amazing work they do in our community. Not only do we believe in their mission; we have seen the impact of the work they do first-hand. We could not be more proud to partner with the Temperance team moving forward.

Want to learn more about Temperance Training? Visit their website here