FROPRO Foundation Fun Run
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FROPRO Foundation Fun Run

Exactly two years ago, we decided to change the direction of FROPRO and share our story. When someone asked what really means the most to me, It was my sobriety and the community that allowed me to have my second chance. We partnered up with Runwell who allowed me to run the 2016 NYC marathon to raise money for those who cannot afford treatment services. Since then we’ve decided to sponsor a runner each year to continue supporting this amazing charity. 

Last year my brothers, Anthony Fazio & Tim Mustion founded Temperance Training which provides a healthy alternative lifestyle for individuals suffering from substance abuse, providing those in recovery with an environment that supports healthy living using fitness to connect the mind, body, and spirit. Chelsea and I felt compelled to start participating & donating to this amazing cause as well.

With the 2018 marathon coming up we thought It was time to create FROPRO FOUNDATION. It will allow us to share what matters most to us and link our community/network to raise more money for these amazing charities that give people second chances.

This last January I was honored to be asked to be a lululemon Boca Ratonambassador. Together with Lululemon I invite you to FROPRO HQ to have fun, run and give back.

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