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 Matthew & Chelsea Williams

Matthew & Chelsea Williams


Welcome! We are Chelsea and Matt Williams, a husband and wife team who created FROPRO. We’re grateful you’re here.

FROPRO is a clean-food company that makes protein-rich snack bars. All of our bars are made with organic nut butter and organic, plant-based protein because we believe that good food fuels you to be the best version of yourself. FROPRO is built on second chances.

At it’s core, FROPRO is more than just a bar; it’s a community. We are a group of people who are committed to bettering themselves. People who have faced trials and hardships. People who recognize that life is measured by the effort you put forth, not merely by the results you achieve. To be honest, our bar is just a part of that equation.

Our mission is to make and share wholesome snacks, create a community of people dedicated to bettering themselves, and spread awareness about and advocate for people working through addiction and towards recovery. For us, that work starts with FROPRO.



We started FROPRO in our kitchen. At the time, Matt was working a 9 to 5 desk job and training clients in the evenings. He wanted a simple bar with clean ingredients that was affordable. He wasn’t looking for a bulky bar or a meal replacement, just a nutrient-dense snack that would help him make it through the last part of his day.

One morning, he found some ingredients from his pantry - peanut butter, protein powder, oats, cinnamon, and honey - and crafted his very first bar. His clients started asking sample his homemade bars and FROPRO was born.

FROPRO is a simple, nutrient-dense snack bar that tastes delicious. It’s a snack bar that you can feel good about eating after a workout, on your way to buy groceries, or feeding to your kids as their after school snack.

Our favorite part of FROPRO is meeting new people. So if you see us on the ave or at the grocery store, make sure to stop by and say hello. It’s the best part of our day.

 Early Versions of FROPRO

Early Versions of FROPRO

 Matthew Williams, Founder

Matthew Williams, Founder

 Chelsea Williams, Chief Operations Officer

Chelsea Williams, Chief Operations Officer



I have been sober since May 17, 2010.

Before I got sober, I led a double life. I’ve always been busy. I filled my days with teaching, coaching, waiting on tables, bartending, and tutoring. On the surface, I had it all together: a job at an elite private school and a varsity-level coaching job. I moved through life appeasing others, telling people what they wanted to hear.

Underneath the facade, I was trapped in a self-destructive cycle. At the time, I was surrounded by friends who were moving forward in their lives, friends who were getting married and having babies. I, on the other hand, felt stuck. I kept myself busy because I didn’t want to get real about how I was feeling.

In 2010, I was sick and tired of putting up the facade. After being arrested for DUI, I checked myself into rehab.

I was able to get and stay sober because of my incredible network of friends and family, including my wife, Chelsea. As soon as I created FROPRO, I finally felt like my actions aligned with my passions; I was no longer living a double life, but instead a multifaceted one. I’m still busy; I always will be. But now I fill my days with people and things that bring me joy.

Addiction does not define me, but it is a central tenant of my story. I have been able to accomplish these goals because of my experience with addiction, not in spite of it. My goal is to use our platform to educate, inspire, and bring attention to recovery.


Now you know about our story, we want to hear yours. 
Please email it to info@gofropro.com or post it on our Facebook page.